Door-In-The-Face Technique

Door-In-The-Face Technique:
A technique of persuasion to having someone behave in the way you want. By requesting something large from another person and being rejected of your request, a second, smaller request is seemingly more reasonable and the person will comply.

Psychologists by the name of Schwarzwald, Bizman, and Raz conducted a study on door to door fund raising in 1983. By asking some of the participants to sign a petition prior to asking for a donation, the likelihood of their donations increased. The participants who weren’t requested to sign the petition were less likely to donate as much money, or any money at all.
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Author Nick Cooney.

Applied to NHS culture:
A student is putting on a concert, the tickets for the concert cost $10 if bought prior to the show and $15 at the door. He asks people throughout the week before the show to come to the concert and tells them that it is $15 at the door but if they bought the ticket before the show it is $10. People find $10 to be more reasonable after the $15 offer, so more tickets are sold and bought sooner.