I. Final Exam - Group Presentations with Big Take away question (50%):

Period 1 - Final Exam Questions

Period 2 - Final Exam Questions

I. Final Exam - Discussion Questions(10%):
Remember your participation in the topic will be worth 10% of your Final Exam Grade

1. Explain the unit or topic that you found most useful for understanding human behavior.

2. What was the most surprising thing you learned this year?

3. When you consider the thoughts and actions of the people around you is it most important to focus on an individuals personality or the situational factors?

4. Do you think psychology as a subject can provide body of knowledge and theories that can explain all of the possible complexities of individual behavior?

5. To what extent do you agree with the Socio-cultural perspectives approach: "You cannot separate yourself from the time and place in which you live?"

III. Prompts for your Summa -psychologica-sociologica (40%):
You can consider any notes you wrote during the discussion session along with the answers you brought to class this morning to address any of the prompts below with a 5 paragraph essay. The BEST answers will draw on MULTIPLE units and topic we have studied for supporting details.

1. Using any three units/topics of study, what do you now understand about human behavior in general or yourself specifically as a result of this course?

2. In order for the world to be a more productive and enjoyable place what should everyone know and understand about the human condition?

3. DEVELOP YOUR OWN PROMPT THAT MEETS THE GOAL OF THIS ASSIGNMENT - If you would like to rework the prompts above in a way that fits your own thinking please feel free to do so, be sure to make sure I approve it before you start writing your final response.

FINAL EXAM D.Q.- Structure/Rubric