Unit 1 Essential Tasks:

1. Define Psychology and give examples of the six different approaches to psychology.
2. Compare and Contrast the disciplines of Psychology and Sociology.
3. Explain the importance of heredity and environment in human development and examine the basic physiological functions that influence behavior.
4. Become comfortable with class expectations, routines and assignments.
5. Describe the key figures and events in the history of psychology.

I. September 11 Then and Now, In One Word.

Explore this interactive (be sure to read the directions) make at least 2 observations and a conclusion.
- A lot of people wrote confused as their first emotion and then it branched out to a bunch of other words on the second side, sad being the most common word.

People who were confused in 2001 were not only sad or saddened, but also disappointed and aggravated.
II. A (somewhat) Brief History of Psychology
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II. Ethical Guidelines

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III. Approaches to Psychology

IV. Research Methods

V. Unit 1 Review Page