Sensation and Perception

I. Differences between Sensation and Perception and other Important Concepts and Issues

II. Our Senses

Our Senses Pod Cast Project

A. Vision

The vision slides show above should go along with your class notes.

B. Hearing

Hearing P2- Meaghan, Jane, Julie, Ali

Hearing P2 Nico, Luke, Brandon, Stephen

Hearing P2 Sean Graham Kali

Hearing P2 Grace & Maddie

Hearing P.1 Abbey Victoria Paige

C. Touch & Pain

Touch and Pain P2 Hannah, Lauren, Sarah, Ariella, Ilana

Touch and Pain P2- Sara and Anna

Touch and Pain, P.1- Jess Murphy, Devon, Stephen, Kate

D. Smell and Taste the Chemical Senses

Taste and Smell P2 Meaghan, Alyssa, Elizabeth, Kim

smell and taste, p1, drew max phil

Taste and Smell P1 Paige, James, Helga

E. Body Movement: Kinesthetic and Vestibular

Body Movement Kinesthetic and Vestibular P1 Jmac,Mahtob K, AshleyK

Kinesthetic and Vestibular Pd. 1 Ryan, Maddy, Jess G, Simon and Ali

Kinesthetic Vestibular, P1 Myron and Jacob

III. Perceptual Organization

IV. Perceptual Constancy

V. Perceptual Interpretation

The Illusion of Movement Videos:

VI. Unit 3 Review Page